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About Slim Fit Life

2If you are reading this page then the chances are you’re a lady looking for a friendly, local gym where you can exercise regularly to improve your health and fitness. Like most ladies, you are probably busy looking after everyone else’s health and struggle to find time to improve your own fitness levels. We have the answer, offering you a quick way to get in shape without having to spend hours in a gym.

We are different to traditional gyms, where you can waste so much time hanging around waiting for machines to become free. Our structured 30-minute workout can fit easily into your busy schedule – even when you are trying to juggle work, family life and numerous other commitments.

We pride ourselves on making you feel relaxed and comfortable while exercising, even when you don’t want to but know you should. Unlike other traditional or budget gyms, we offer a personal service, with a qualified instructor on hand at all times. They will support and motivate you to reach and maintain your goals, helping you build a good health and fitness lifestyle balance.

You don’t have to be fit to join. Many of our ladies have never been a gym member before and for whatever reasons decide it is time to move more to help improve their health. No matter where you start we encourage and work with you to improve your health with regular exercise.  You get a personal programme, designed to suit your level of fitness, with regular reviews so your workout is always challenging as your fitness level improves

What our members say:

“The atmosphere in the gym is great. It’s fun to work out and we all chat our way through the 30-minute circuit, which flies by.”
Rhiannon (gym member)
“Loving the exercise. Feeling good and looking better.”
Kath (gym member)
“Really enjoying the gym. Love the relaxed feel about the gym. Getting fantastic comments about my figure after just 4 weeks.”
Sarah (gym member)
“Friendly, welcoming, relaxed approach, always consistent.”
Kate (gym member)
“Everything is brilliant, cannot fault it.”
Anonymous (gym member)

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Call Now on 0113 3184898 to book a free, no obligation taster and find out how easy it is to get an all over body workout in just 30-minutes.

Still thinking about it?

We know how difficult it is to change and take up exercise for the first time (or come back after a lapse) so here are our five suggestions to help you think differently about ways to get that fitness habit

1. Make health as important as work
We all say without our health, we have nothing, yet how many of you put work before a workout. Keep reminding yourself that if you are not healthy you will not be able to work – regular exercise helps you live a healthier life

2. Exercise even when you don’t feel like it
You will never regret a workout session; the after buzz is always worth the effort. Pushing yourself through a 30-minute workout at the end of a busy day will leave you with such a positive sense of achievement. Don’t deliberate about hitting the gym – Just do it! (or so Nike says!).

3. Set yourself goals
It’s an old one but so true, you are more likely to succeed if you have a goal to focus on. There are many reasons you join a gym, whatever it is do not lose that focus. Even better, workout with a friend and support each other to reach and maintain the fitness level you desire.

4. Schedule your workouts
You join the gym, pay your monthly membership and then use every excuse you can find not to attend. Make a pact with yourself to make it the most important meeting in your diary and refuse to change it. Once you get into a routine, it becomes easier working your life around a 30-minute workout 3 times per week.

5. Look to the future and imagine yourself looking and feeling amazing
No matter what age you are you can always feel and look amazing with the right attitude towards life. Exercise is for life, not just to get into that little black dress. Once you see the results of regular exercise, it becomes a way of life. Looking and feeling good takes effort so invest 30-minutes in yourself.

Slim Fit Life – 30 minutes to a healthier you

Call Now on 0113 3184898 to book a free, no obligation taster and find out how easy it is to get an all over body workout in just 30-minutes.