• Worried about diabetes

    Diabetes UK have a lot of information about preventing diabetes and one of the ways you can help yourselves is to exercise more. Want to find out more about it got to their website for the full article http://www.diabetes.co.uk/body/visceral-fat.html Visceral Fat (Active Fat) Type 2 diabetes can be caused by storing high amounts of visceral

  • Are you drinking too much wine thinking it’s doing you good?

    A recent study has shown that wine only protects against cardiovascular disease in people who exercise.  So if you want an extra glass of wine to help you relax do it after you’ve been to the gym to gain maximum benefit. For more information check out the full story at – http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140831125255.htm  

  • Pampered Chef Evening for Cancer Research UK

    Slim fit Life is hosting a Pampered Chef Evening on Monday 28th April at 6pm (onwards) as part of our fundraising activities to raise money for Cancer Research UK. A team of gym members will be walking (fast!) on the 29th June in the Race for Life to help raise money for Cancer Research UK.